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"Coke or Pepsi?" with Samson Young

Joyce Wong | 5.6.2017



Hazel Mok | 15.10.2015 | lifestyle.

Upside-down Readymades #1 – the Case of Duchamp's Fountain

Can artworks have “identity crisis”? What does it imply? The cases of Duchamp’s Fountain and Brancusi’s Bird in Space will tell

Chan Yi Kwan | 23.9.2015 | art.

Arts and Me

The relationship between “Arts and Me” has passed through an interesting procedure of evolution within my 3-month internship

Janet Yick | 22.9.2015 | art., lifestyle., music.

Random thoughts about Arts and Culture

I have just heard too many people commented, “Oh, working in the music industry? You must earn little! Go study some finance courses, you will earn more!” The society in Hong Kong just does not view Music as a respectable career path

Stephanie Kung | 31.8.2015 | art., music.