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Working with nature and open space

Having a little bike ride along the promenade during lunch time wakes me more than a cup of coffee!!!

Gillian Ngan | 21.7.2016 | lifestyle.



Alex CH Wong | 15.7.2016 | lifestyle.



Vera Leung | 12.7.2016 | lifestyle.



Adam Tsang | 9.7.2016 | lifestyle.



Sylvie Xiong | 6.7.2016 | lifestyle.

與CEO 和 COO相聚於Rooftop Casual Gathering

每月的最後一個星期五,西九文化區辦工室都會在夕陽下舉行Rooftop Casual Gathering,讓同事能夠輕鬆相聚。

Thomas Wu | 5.7.2016 | lifestyle.



Roy Chow | 4.7.2016 | lifestyle.


Wong Cho Fai | 4.7.2016 | lifestyle.



Larry Cheng | 30.6.2016 | lifestyle.

How much do we care about safety?

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority is a responsible organisation in the sense that its contractors are required to have a high standard of performance in ensuring safety during construction

Edmund Lam | 20.6.2016 | lifestyle.

Dancing in the Air


Erica Lau | 28.12.2015 | lifestyle.



Yan Chan | 10.12.2015 | art.



Hazel Mok | 15.10.2015 | lifestyle.

Arts and Me

The relationship between “Arts and Me” has passed through an interesting procedure of evolution within my 3-month internship

Janet Yick | 22.9.2015 | art., lifestyle., music.

Freespace Happening

The Nike City Jam at Freespace Happening aspired me to expand my knowledge profoundly in skateboard

Carmen Cheung | 22.9.2015 | lifestyle.

My very last day as a Performing Arts Intern

During the 2 months, I am involved in different projects and productions, and the most remarkable programmes are undoubtedly Freespace Happening and Xiqu Seminar

Sally Tam | 18.9.2015 | art., lifestyle.

Press Forward

Though I will miss all the smile, all the faces and all the laugh here, I will press the “Forward” button, keep moving, facing the next challenges, and achieving the next target

Janet Yick | 31.8.2015 | lifestyle.

What do you mean when you say 台 (toi)?

It is always funny when people get confused with the meaning because of the same pronunciations in Cantonese. But this encounter has given a strong feeling that Hong Kong people are generally not exposed to cultural activities, and more accurately, performing arts

Sally Tam | 28.8.2015 | lifestyle.

Dong Guan Steel Manufacturing Factory Visit

Following other colleagues, we went to Dong Guan steel factory to gain a deeper understanding of steel manufacturing. This factory is the supplier for Xiqu Centre


Silvia Chen | 18.8.2015

Press launch for Freespace Happening 2015

A press launch was held on the 4th August to disseminate this piece of exciting news to the public, and we met the performers to take some photos for marketing use

Shirley Chau | 11.8.2015 | lifestyle.

Site Visit

I am pleased to be one of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority interns, it broadens my horizon and enhances my experience in the arts and culture industry

Irene Cheng | 10.8.2015

Unpredictable weather: Kick-off of Freespace Happening 2015

It was the first day of Freespace Happening 2015. On 8th Aug, we experienced the unpredictable weather and understood the absolute power of the nature

Shirley Chau | 9.8.2015 | lifestyle.

A Public Space For Individuals

Nursery parks, M+, Xiqu Centre are beyond codes in financial documents after the visit. They are shaping and maturing along with the operation of the cultural district

Julie Ma | 7.8.2015 | lifestyle.