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Life as an intern at West Kowloon

Read the collaborative stories our interns have put together about their time with us at West Kowloon!


  • Annie Kwok

    Summer Intern
  • Christy Yeung

    Summer Intern
  • Wong To Hin Nixon

    Venice Biennale Intern
  • TANG Kai Yiu Frank

    Venice Biennale Intern
  • Cindy

    Project Delivery - Summer Intern
  • Wingyu Wong

    Project Delivery - Summer Intern
  • Sherrie Fung

    Summer Intern
  • Winky Bok

    Summer Intern
  • Aris Chow

    Finance - Summer Intern
  • Adrian Yim

    Finance - Summer Intern
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Joshua Lam | 5.7.2019 | lifestyle.

Ciao! 鄰居們的晾衣服日常

Ice Wong Kei Suet | 18.6.2019 | art., exhibition., lifestyle.


這次一個人在仍舊陌生的札幌坐了半小時巴士,再行了二十分鐘,來到這個由野口勇(Isamu Noguchi)親自設計「莫埃來沼公園」(モエレ沼公園),展開一個尋找野口勇之旅

Chung Kai Yan | 22.11.2018 | art., exhibition.

October Freespace Happening Performer Introduction: Ted Lo - the first Hongkonger Berklee graduatesss

New season of Freespace Happening started last month. With many different musician coming from different part of the world to perform, somethings it is hard to choose which one you want to go. Starting from now, this blog will introduce different performer irregularly. And Ted Lo is our first introduction.

Adrian Chow | 9.10.2018 | music.

Admire the Full Moon in Art Park

You can have a joyous time for family, friends, and partners to reunite under a full moon in Art Park

Adrian Chow | 21.9.2018 | art park.

Pairing up choreographers and composers: stories behind the clash of creativity

Artists of “Creation for Freespace: Choreographer & Composer Lab” will stage final productions of the new works on 13-16 September 2018. Here the composers and choreographers share their inspirations and stories behind their works.

Sharen Lau | 12.9.2018 | dance., music.

Running with the nightscape of Victoria Harbour in West Kowloon Cultural District!

We recommend running around the evening to night time to fully appreciate the nightscape. It’s more easy to develop the habit of running too because of the cooler environment at night time.

Adrian Chow | 7.9.2018 | art park., lifestyle.
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  • Chan Yi Kwan

    CEO's Office - Summer Intern
  • Evelyn Yeung

  • Rex Leung

    Summer Intern - ICT
  • Nick Mak

    Summer Intern
  • Mary Lee Wan Ling

  • Tim So

    Summer Intern
  • Cherry Yau

    Summer Intern
  • Jay Man

    Summer Intern
  • Taffy Tang

    Performing Arts - Summer Intern
  • Oscar Chan

    Summer Intern
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