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Interviews and articles about Xiqu Centre programmes, commissions and our work to nurture artists and promote the art of Chinese opera


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Opening the Black Box – When Art Encounters Tech

In September 2021, Freespace and the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts launched the new project art TALKS tech as part of their collaborative platform TechBox
Joris Wu | 2.6.2022 | art., theatre.

3 IG Spots You Absolutely Cannot Miss in West Kowloon

West Kowloon’s stand out architecture and location on Victoria Harbour makes it the perfect place to get some great instagrammable photos
West Kowloon | 2.12.2021 | lifestyle.

Running with Hong Kong's Nightscape as your Backdrop

If running is your thing, there is no better place than in the Art Park with the harbour and lights of Hong Kong as a backdrop
West Kowloon | 2.12.2021 | art park.

Enjoy Full Moon from the Art Park

2021 Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 21. On this traditional Chinese festival, besides eating moon cakes, enjoying the full moon with family and friends is also a must
West Kowloon | 13.9.2021 | art park.
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