A Public Space For Individuals

7.8.2015 | lifestyle.
Julie Ma

Julie Ma

Finance - Summer Intern

The first site visit for our interns was scheduled in a scorching afternoon. We were directed to walk around and listened to the explanation about the layout and general construction in West Kowloon, a place which is supposed to bring recreation, serenity and artistic inspiration. However, the real feeling of myself is motivation and achievement. Nursery parks, M+, Xiqu Centre are beyond codes in financial documents after the visit. They are shaping and maturing along with the operation of the cultural district. Being involved in this project to make a contribution even tiny deserves pride.  That is the source of motivation.

Human and nature world are unseparated. Struggled in skyscrapers for a long time, it is more precious to encounter the beauty and peace of nature world in a highly-modernized city. In the private and quite world, even a leaf and a flower can stimulate appreciation of lives. However, it is such a pity that I have not stayed there until evening. Otherwise, I would grab the chance of enjoying sunset and watching blinking stars. Lying on the grass, a kind of pristine and dependent emotion arises in my mind. The tendency of approaching to nature should be out of our instinct, which produces a kind of magical power to expel worries and anxiety. It is also possible to feel lonely suddenly. I am fond of this solitude which makes me cry and makes me think. Every recovery from solitude changes my life attitude more or less.

Standing in high places, the entire scenery of WKCD comes into my eyes without high-rise buildings blocking line of sight. There are people strolling, jogging and bicycling, which are randomly dispersed in West Kowloon. Thus, whether you want to make friends or enjoy the personal spare time there, it is always suitable. That is a public space for individuals. The brilliant lights blazing across the sea in the evening is the beauty of the fashionable city woman. Starry sky, fresh grass and see breeze are the beauty of the nature girl.

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