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22.9.2015 | art. , lifestyle. , music.
Janet Yick

Janet Yick

C&M - Summer Intern

The relationship between “Arts and Me” has passed through an interesting procedure of evolution within my 3-month internship.


When I was young, music and drawing were the only art form I knew. When there was music, there was art. When there was painting, there was art. Though the schools would lead us to art museums or galleries, I had no eager to know more about arts. Arts was nothing to me. Like all of you, I believed that there was always a barrier between arts and me.


Because of a humorous incident, I started to be part of WKCDA and assisted them to build a vibrant cultural quarter for the city and bring together local and international artists and audiences to be inspired and to celebrate the arts. And it triggered the first evolution of the relationship between arts and me.


Because of my work, I had to know more about the background and development of arts and cultural in Hong Kong or over the world. This was the first time I tried to treat arts seriously as well as understand what is arts. It is interesting to know that from drama to dance, and from pop music to Chinese opera, Hong Kong is the centre of Eastern and Western performing arts. There are over 1,000 performing arts groups in Hong Kong, staging as many as 6,000 performances annually. This data initiated me into the arts. I started to be curious to it.


Followed by the second evolution, I started to have the motivation to explore more about arts. The barrier between “Arts and Me” can be broken down easily if I open my mind for arts. Cultural arts should not be restricted to museums or galleries and be promoted in different forms and varieties for everyone to enjoy. We could find arts in everywhere if we are willing to pay attention to little details surrounding us. May be you will ask, I never learn how to appreciate and pay attention to arts, how can I break the barrier?


In my opinion, that is not true. Like you, I never learn how to appreciate arts, but actually, it turns to benefit us. We will not be restricted to certain guidelines and angles to enjoy the arts. We can feel the arts freely. “What you think it is, it will be what you think.”


Just like last Sunday, there were several piano placed in Mong Kok, which attracted hundreds of people to play with it. When you hanging around in Mong Kok, you can try to enjoy and feel the music and painting, no guidelines, no rules—enjoy what you are enjoying. You will then find that you are getting closer to arts. And congratulation, you break the barrier successfully!


Arts is always around us. Arts is in everywhere.


Try to understand it. Try to break down the barrier. Try to accept the evolution in your life.

“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.”

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