As a Finance Intern at WKCDA

27.6.2017 | lifestyle.
Aris Chow

Aris Chow

Finance - Summer Intern

It’s been two weeks since I began my internship as a finance intern here at the WKCDA. I feel like time is passing very quickly. It’s clear like yesterday how I greeted everyone in my department on the first day.

I really like working here, along with my colleagues, mentors and other interns. They have taken well care of me and taught me what I need to know step by step and with patience. Since I began my internship later than the official start, I was a newbie to everything when everyone was already on track. I was able to catch up thanks to my mentors. I learnt a lot from them, from technical knowledge like registering invoice and entering staff reimbursement; to relaxing chit-chat during lunch break. Everything is fun in the office.

The Cyberport office is extremely comfortable, if not a little bit far from town. Honestly I didn’t expect WKCDA to have an office here. But it is a nice place anyway. My colleagues were very eager to tell me which restaurants are good nearby, and also with complaints about how few choices they have here, haha.

One of the most memorable things was the typhoon signal no. 8 on my first day of work. It was totally devastating to go to work that morning. With heavy rain and strong wind, not to mention I had to get off at a bus stop to get on another bus to Cyberport. After the lunch break, it started to pour even more heavily. And we got to return home earlier that afternoon. Having a typhoon to greet you on your first day is really something huh.

So far I am doing quite well and I love the job. Really look forward to the coming weeks and more stuff to learn!

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