Diminish Border - #2 Brannskjær Park

Leonie Chan

Leonie Chan

Project Delivery - Summer Intern

Astrup Fearnley Museum had just introduced us the concept of diminish border (see previous post), but how do we put this concept forward as a park, not just outside of the museum? In the same city with the museum, Oslo, it is realising.

Brannskjaer Park is located adjacent to Oslo’s Central Business District, it plans to provide sea baths, swimming and sun bake area for public.

Source: http://worldlandscapearchitect.com/brannskjaer-park-oslo-norway-link-landskap/

It is quite interesting to take this as reference, it is an ongoing similar scale park development to West Kowloon Park. While the Authority is trying to put more elements into the park, such as Freespace and Art Pavilion, can there be more features on the water edge? It may sound exciting at first, but do Hong Kong people accept the culture of sea bath and sun bake? Is that what we want on the harbourfront?

It’s never a good practice to move the whole idea from foreign country to Hong Kong, without thinking Hong Kong people’s willingness and expectations toward the development. However, it’s also difficult to know what Hong Kong people really look for. Are we really know what kind of park or public space do we want?

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