Diminish Border - #1 Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

Leonie Chan

Leonie Chan

Project Delivery - Summer Intern

In my first visit to West Kowloon Project Site Office to attend internship interview, I remember that one of the interviewers asked us to give our view on ‘Should there be balustrades along the waterfront in the promenade?’, and my answer at that time was ‘yes’. Then after I successfully entered the Authority as summer intern, this question often pops up in my mind.


The question further recalled my trip to Oslo, Norway last year. I visited Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. The thing that the museum interests me is that the museum starts outside. A sculpture park and a sand beach sit outside the building and touch the harbour. The sculpture park and sand beach are free admission, everyone can enjoy them, the museum does not only attract art lovers, but also the whole public, this is also what the cultural district hopes to accomplish. The boundary of the museum is undefined, the museum does not set its boundary within the building, but extends to the water’s edge. The idea impresses me a lot as it brings art and joy to people and make good use of the landscape character.


The cultural district also sits on the harbour front, why not take this characteristic as an opportunity to create something for the public? It would be very exciting if this happens to Hong Kong, our Victoria Harbour. Imagine you are sitting on the diminished border in the West Kowloon Promenade, touching the cool seawater, looking at the beautiful sunset and the stunning Harbour view, what a life! Indeed we have something similar to this, i.e. the Western District Swimming Shed. The Western District Swimming Shed is the only remaining one in Hong Kong, it attracts tourists and people to take photo there. People can go down to the sea through the swimming shed. So it seems possible to diminish the border and enjoy the harbour! We can enjoy the sea than just walking along the balustrades. Do you think it can be realised? In West Kowloon or else where in Hong Kong?

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