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23.8.2018 | art park. , lifestyle.

Sabrina Chau

Summer Intern

It is my count down of the last 10 working days at WKCDA. Looking back at the day when the internship was offered to me, it took me quite a while to ease my concerns regarding whether I am suitable for WKCDA. My struggle was that I know myself as a person who is enthusiastic about designs, generation of concepts, challenges, and speed; it is the encounter of challenges together with the fast pace that would ignite my excitement and satisfaction towards working. Hence, I had always believed that I am more suitable in small to medium companies and had never thought of working in large companies like WKCDA. Thanks to Shavian, who has guided me through my struggles, she told me frankly that I am not someone who would be satisfied with working at large companies with much steadiness, but at the same time, I should not negate the possible joy and fulfilment of working in such companies without even trying. It was too early to determine my career path and it is always good to get a taste of how it would be to work in different company cultures.

Upon completion of the 3-month internship program, I realised that enthusiasm towards working does not lie in the nature of work nor the company culture; it is the attitude and the strive for betterment that could foster passion. It was my pleasure to take charge of holding art and craft workshops after tree tours that is held twice every month.

As easy as it may sound, it actually does require a lot of considerations throughout the process.  First of all, the selection of the craft project should be suitable for both young and old, male and female. Secondly, it should be safe to make, meaning that use of scissors and cutters should be minimised. Thirdly, material of crafts would be best if they can be collected inside the Art Park, so that the craft can be done exclusively in WKCD workshop. Lastly, the craft should be delicate, but also easy to make so that all the tree tour guides would be able to teach the public.

In view of this, my colleague and I have come up with the idea of making branch coaster, which makes use of the fallen branches of the Art Park and Nursery Park. We have implemented the workshop for the first time last Saturday, and I am very delighted to see that all the visitors enjoyed the workshop a lot!

Preparation Work of Branch Coaster Workshop

Illustration of the DIY branch coaster is drawn step-by-step.

Illustration of the DIY branch coaster is drawn step-by-step.

Branches were picked and cut into desired length, and were soaked in water to wash away insects and other impurities.

Happy family at the workshop :D

Happy family at the workshop :D

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