How an Exhibition was Born: A Note on M+ Opening

Patrick Wai

Patrick Wai

Summer Intern (MCE - Website)

A new round of exhibition at M+ Pavilion named ‘In Search of Southeast Asia through the M+ Collections’ has officially opened last week. A day before its public opening, I went the press review and the opening banquet.

Both events were invitational only, but I was lucky to take a sneak peak as a summer intern. During the press review, the M+ museum director and the main curator of the show introduced the features of this exhibiton to the press. It turns out that this is the first curation of M+ that focuses on a particular area. The curator hoped to take this as an experimental start, bringing more regionally focused art curations in the future.

Following the brief introduction, Pauline, the main curator led us to the exhibition hall for a guided tour. The quadrilateral exhibition hall, albeit not a spacious one, has been meticulously divided into several areas according to the themes of different exhibits, which include sketches, videos, installation art and architecture model. One of the most mind-blowing exhibits is an artistic short film named ‘The Living Need Light, The Dear Need Music’. The Vietnam-based film, featuring horrendously shocking traditional customs with occasionally inserted funeral shots, managed to attract people’s eyeball by how it interprets the notion of ‘life’ and ‘death’.

As the moonlight was taking over the sky in a sneaky manner, a bunch of fashionably dressed guests came before the Pavilion. They were all art lovers invited to join the banquet, some of whom were even VIPs from West Kowloon and M+ committee board. I took this chance learn more about what was happening from the senior colleagues, and realized that holding press reviews and opening banquets are the rituals before an exhibition kicks start, as a promotional means. What’s more, not until then did I learn that one of the roles of M+ Pavilion is to serve as a testing ground for M+ Building, which will be equipped with a  17,000-sqm exhibition hall of similar shape. Colleagues from M+ could gain hands-on curating experience in advance in M+ Pavilion before M+ Building is in use.

It was nearly 9pm when the opening banquet finally came to an end. Didn’t realize the nightview of Victoria Harbor from M+ Pavilion to be this captivating.

M+ Exhibition ‘In Search of Southeast Asia through the M+ Collections’

Date: 22 June to 30 September 2018

Time: 11am–6pm, Wednesday to Sunday and public holidays

Venue: M+ Pavilion, West Kowloon Cultural District

Free Admission

More About: https://www.westkowloon.hk/insearchofsea

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