First 2 Weeks in WKCDA

Arica Ching

Arica Ching

Summer Intern

I have only started my summer internship in the Marketing and Customer Experience Department for two weeks, yet my experience has been beyond my expectations. Before joining the team, I have expected to assist in routine work, such as drafting regular social media posts and trivial administrative work. Contrary to my expectation, WKCDA has provided interns with opportunities to participate in cross-departmental projects, so that we could experience how a real workplace is like.

Over the past two weeks, I have been working with the Commercial Department on locations of signages in Art Park, which aims to help visitors to find their ways to major venues and facilities, such as Freespace, M+ Pavilion and the newly opened restaurants and cafés. I have never been to Art Park before, which brings me an advantage of being able to put myself in the visitors’ shoes, knowing where people would be confused, where signages would be necessary. However, to put ideas into practice is more difficult that I thought. There are many aspects that we must put into consideration when we are working in a large corporation, such as if the messages on the floor stickers are consistent with the branding guidelines. The opportunities to work with professionals and learn from them are occasional, and would be one of the most valuable takeaways in the internship program.

Routing to the Main Venues in Art Park
Routing to the Main Venues in Art Park

Moreover, the activities organized by the Human Resources Department for interns are very inspiring. We had sharing sessions of the CEO and the Museum Director of M+. Apart from explaining the vision and development of the whole West Kowloon project to us, they have also shared some handy workplace tips, particularly on facing adversity and finding the key to success.

My internship experience at the WKCDA has been enjoyable and I look forward to embracing more challenges in the coming month.

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