Funny Episodes in the Pavilion: Our Lovely Visitors

10.10.2017 | art.
Elly Wan

Elly Wan


Half of the internship has quickly passed. Remembering from the first day, we have been busy with memorising the route to work, operation in the venue, and cooking to recharge ourselves with a cozy dinner.

Besides the repetition of work and daily life, simultaneously there were some interesting and funny episodes which happened with the visitors, highlighted our days in the venue.


Hong Kong Pavilion not Korea Pavilion
This probably is the most frequent mistake that visitors have made. Some of them even wondered if we were Korean, until we realized that the source of the mistake was partly from the album cover in Room 1, but mainly came from the name of the artist, Samson.

Samson not Samsung
So this is the answer. Many Europeans have wrongly recognized the name of the artist into a famous Korean brand, “Samsung”. In despite of the spelling is quite different, it might imply that most of the European is a fan of Apple instead.

The amazing connection between artist’s age and his surname
Sometimes when visitors would like for more information about the artist, age is their most concerned category. They always impressed about the early success that Samson is, particularly because he is still very young. I remembered there was a visitor has made kind of a joke, said Samson Young will be “Forever Young”.

The world is (yours) young, but also (ours) old, but basically (yours) young
The second common mistake that visitors made was about the neon lighting, the speech of Mao. Visitors claimed the words are not very clear and could be easily misread as “young” instead of “Yours”. However, once they continued reading the sentence, they would found it becomes nonsense (i.e. but also old). At last, they will find the right word and end up with a big laugh (for themselves).

Little “Presents”
Even though food and drinks are not allowed in the exhibition in order to maintain the cleanness inside, we sometimes have received other left behind “presents”, especially around the sofa area in Room 1. In this case, our very kind Italian colleague, F, who has been worked here from the very beginning, has create his own album by collecting all these found items. 

Visitors always like standing at each of the entrance, i.e. main door, behind the curtain and the canal.

In Hong Kong, KOL has been a hit topic in the society nowadays. KOL stand for Key Opinion Leader. It is understandable that an eye-catching installation could draw more attention. The riser not particularly provide kids a free playground, also a free photo shooting background for girls and ladies. The most memorable shot was a mum took a long photo shooting (almost 30mins) for her daughter during the rain but the daughter was not satisfied with the photos taken by her mum. We have no offensive about what the visitors do but interesting to see the interactions between them and the installation.

Definition of DO NOT REMOVE
One day, there was a female visitor walked to the reception desk. After some minutes of her struggling, she asked, “May I hold the catalog?” I could not respond to her immediately because that was a question which I have never thought about. Later, I found the “DO NOT REMOVE” sticker on top of the cover somehow acted very tricky which can make confusion of whether the book should be stuck on table or allowed to hold and read.

Anyway, dear visitor, you are more than welcome to hold and read:)

Other interesting happenings:

  • Visitors thought we were the artists.
  • A visitor insisted in thinking the statue is related to the Hiroshima bomb.
  •  Some visitors kept their umbrellas opened and walked inside the exhibition. (during the rain)
  • 4 visitors ask for buying a CD of Samson’s remix version of “Do They Know Is Christmas”.
  • Ladies like taking pictures in front of the blue-green door at the corner around the main entrance.

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