Like Cherry Blossom – The Beautiful Flowers of The Pink Trumpet Tree

6.4.2017 | art park. , lifestyle.
Eunice Chow

Eunice Chow

Digital Communications Project Coordinator

Now that spring has arrived, the branches of the Pink Trumpet Trees in the Nursery Park are heavy with delicate pink flowers.

The pink trumpet tree is often confused with flowering cherry trees like the Showa Sakura (Prunus x subhirtella Miquel cv. Keio-Zakura), the Japanese Cherry (Prunus serrulata) or the Pink Lady Cherry Blossom – from a distance their flowers look very similar and both bloom in spring before their leaves emerge.

But, look closely and you can see the difference!


Image source: 武陵農場 , Japan Mint

The pink trumpet tree is a deciduous tree indigenous to Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and other Latin and South American countries. Because of its decorative flowers, it is widely cultivated as an ornamental or street tree.

Image source: 大海愛上藍天旅遊日記分享

Flowering cherry or cherry blossom is the common term used for different species of Prunus. While cherry blossom trees are now grown all over the world, most originated in Japan, although some species are native to the warmer regions of the Himalayas.

The pink trumpet tree is not the only kind of trumpet tree growing in the Nursery Park – there are also golden trumpet trees, with lovely yellow flowers. Both varieties bloom in the spring, but the golden trumpet tree has a shorter flowering period.

See if you can spot these two species of trumpet tree next time you visit the Nursery Park!

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