My very last day as a Performing Arts Intern

18.9.2015 | art. , lifestyle.
Sally Tam

Sally Tam

Performing Arts - Summer Intern

This is my very last day of my internship here in West Kowloon. I am counting down every second and would never want to leave the workplace. During the 2 months, I am involved in different projects and productions, and the most remarkable programmes are undoubtedly Freespace Happening Launch Event on Aug 9 and Xiqu Seminar on Aug 22.

Not only did I work and provide technical support on the set up and performance dates, I also prepared layout plans and production schedules during the pre- production period. From the production process, I can know more about the daily operations of the Authority and the steps to producing an outdoor event. The Freespace Happening Launch Event is a really good experience for me, as I enjoyed myself very much in the event, and learnt risk management and event management skills as part of the team.


We had come across many ad hoc situations – I will blame the weather. Weather conditions are the universal variables for outdoor events and this time, it affected us a lot. Too much sunshine, humid weather, rain and thunderstorm have made us very tired and hard to get through. More importantly, electricity supply was stopped because of the lightning. It may not be a very happy ending to have stopped the show because of heavy rain, but I will never forget the hard times with colleagues and friends where we stayed in unity and finish the rest of the post- production work.

Manager of the Seminar. The seminar has given me another show cueing experience, but a very different one because PowerPoint slides were changed very often the follow the speakers’ content throughout the discussion. I really have to pay attention and get really focus on the talk – so that I can manage to call for ad hoc lighting, sound and video cues.


Although I was sitting at the backstage prompt desk, I felt like an audience myself: I was paying extra attention to the guest speakers and learning the different elements of Chuanju. Most of the teenagers nowadays hated Chinese Operas and say that they are noisy and boring, but I think that this is a rather interesting art form. After my Cantonese Opera production experience in the Academy, I really want to dig deeper and learn more about the differences between various Chinese Operas. In the seminar, I have learnt the different vocal techniques of Chuanju and of course, Master Shen is really professional and good – her sharing made me want to learn Chuanju too!

Show cueing during Xiqu Seminar

Show cueing during Xiqu Seminar



As a Stage and Event Management student in the HKAPA, I believe that this internship here in West Kowloon Cultural District Authority widened my exposure to the field. I spent a really happy two months here, not just because of my participation in various events, but more importantly, my wonderful colleagues.


I am so lucky to have nice and funny team members, that we had happy conversations at work or lunchtime. They are all experienced professionals in the field, so sometimes they will share their past experience with me. Of course, they will answer every of my questions patiently, no matter they are about work, further studies, practical experience or life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for their love and support.


Time flies and today is the end of my internship. I can proudly say I have spent a splendid summer with the Authority. This internship helped me a lot and equipped me to become a better stage manager. In return, I hope the little things I did for the Authority these days can help boost the artistic development of Hong Kong!

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