Not a typical office work

30.6.2017 | lifestyle.
Christy Yeung

Christy Yeung

Summer Intern

This is my first month in WKCDA and I have observe one thing:

Working in WKCDA is not only about sitting in the office, typing in front of the computer and having exhausted meetings (haha) but also about engaging in the art and culture environment. When I receive an Tree Tour invitation, I accepted it without the least hesitation.


It was a sultry afternoon. I was absolutely regret accepting this bid to be honest. I was disinclination to know and learn about the trees. My attitude wholly changed when I saw more than 15 types of tree species. They are from different countries with different nature. They are just as same as human, everyone is unique.

The idea of Tree Tour is giving the public opportunity to gain some insight into the trees. I recommend everyone to grab this opportunity even you are not interested in trees.

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