Palazzo Gumgum (Homage to all Venice Biennale Exhibition Interns)

12.7.2017 | art.

Priscilla Kong

Venice Biennale Intern

I believe everyone has a travel buddy, be it a person or a pet, or simply a best friend like Mr Bean’s Teddy. For me, my buddy is Gumgum, a tiny yellow bunny. (OK…slightly larger than tiny) Gumgum traveled extensively with me across continents and we have explored half of the globe together. Like any of our previous voyages, Gumgum has been tagged along after me during this 6-week long internship in Venice, Italy. 

This is not our first time to Venice. Rather, this is our second time, after our backpacking trip to Europe in 2015. Instead of sleeping outside the train station overnight, like how we did before, we have a proper accommodation in a nice suburb in Venice this time. Oh, and we also have an amiable housemate-cum-working-partner to stay with!

Since the Hong Kong pavilion stays open 6 days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday, I can spare little time to stay with Gumgum. Instead of the stay-at-home type, Gumgum is more of a fun-loving bunny. After careful consideration, my partner and I have decided to let him come to our exhibition and work with us for one day. Continue reading to check out our regular routine as an Exhibition Intern!

Our day always begins with a 20 minutes walk from home to the exhibition venue. Upon arrival, we would turn on respective computer systems and equipments, perform basic housekeeping duties, examine condition of every artwork, and undertake other ad-hoc tasks when we deem necessary. Last but not least, we would enjoy a cup of coffee and get ourselves geared up for the day. In hopes of creating a pleasant and rewarding experience for every visitor, these seemingly miscellaneous tasks were always completed with enthusiasm professionally. While we were busy preparing, Gumgum showed his tremendous support by offering to help as the receptionist.

With approximately 600 visitors each day on average, much of our time is occupied by answering enquiries from visitors and leading docent tours. Students, art professionals, locals, tourists; we meet people of different nationalities, age, and background from around the world. We are constantly filled with new insights and mind-blowing perspectives. Conversations with visitors are always deeper than we thought. Time often passes faster than we imagined, too.

As a bunny with a flair for culture and arts, Gumgum had been to numerous exhibitions and museums. To call it a day, he took some time to look at the pieces before we close. 

“So, any thoughts?”
“It was impresssssive! A definite must-see at the 57th Art Biennale! ”

Wonder if what my bunny says is true?
Come to Venice and take a look yourself!

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