'Screendance' - A Two-week Workshop for Choreographers and Directors

15.8.2015 | art.
Hazel Mok

Hazel Mok

Performing Arts - Summer Intern
An Unforgettable Moment

An Unforgettable Moment

One of the highlights of our team, Screendance, was highly successful! The workshop was led by four international leaders, to inspire 19 experienced choreographers and directors from China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and HK. In these two weeks, participants learnt from mentors through various sessions, interactive discussions and practical shooting. Every participant is required to complete a film work related to Screendance within 3 minutes to show their learning and consequent in this workshop. All the works will be featured in the Screening sessions on the last day of the workshop.  After two weeks of classes, discussions and practical shooting, the film works of 19 participants were finished! They are artistic and professional, each work is telling us their own story. You are highly recommended to watch them if you have opportunity!

This two weeks workshop provided a good opportunity for me to think about the relationship between dance and screen-based. Screendance is not just dancing on screen, but is a new way for choreographer and director to express their ideas, through dancing on screen to perform their ideas to audiences, which is different from stage performance!

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