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Irene Cheng

Irene Cheng

C&M - Summer Intern

I am pleased to be one of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority interns, it broadens my horizon and enhances my experience of arts and culture industry. I am responsible to manage WKCD website and shoot few videos. It is challenging as both are new things for me. But now I have gained new practical skills and be familiar with them.


In order to deepen our understanding of West Kowloon Cultural District, the Authority kindly provides different events for us to join. For example, in mid-June, we had been invited to participate in site visit, it was a great chance for me to acquire more information of West Kowloon Cultural District instantly, and get close to other interns.


While we were visiting the site, the senior project manager of Health and Safety guided us and introduced those buildings and construction sites in detail. Undoubtedly, he gave us a comprehensive explanation of West Kowloon buildings, like why West Kowloon needs to build it, when it is estimated to be finished etc.


Last but not least, it helps me to get close to other summer interns quickly. As we don’t know each other before, even though some of us come from the same university. Furthermore, we had just started our work a few days ago and didn’t have a chance to understand each other more. It is fine for us to chat more and have a close relationship.


I am looking forward to working here, and I do believe this internship experience will be unforgettable and meaningful for me.

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