Step by Step Guide for Dealing Power Outage

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Terry Wong

Terry Wong


Date: 01 June 2017

Revision: 0 – For Internal Review Only

Objective: This is a quick survival guide to deal with power outage due to circuit breaker jump in the Intern apartment. Due to the multiple breakers both located inside and outside of the apartment unit. The main purpose of this guide is to assist locating the switches and to reset it to the working position.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is for general information purpose only and reference only. Reader should assume sole responsibility on their attempt for solving the problem and all other technical issue at their own risk. It is no guarantee you can get it back on. When in doubt, it is advise to get a qualified professional to take care of the issue.


Step 1


If power outage really happen to you in the intern apartment, this is the very first thing you should do is not to panic. 

It is very common. You are not neither the first nor the last one. Don’t blame your luck,  shit happens sometimes.

(For future reference, just make sure you don’t ever again switch on or run too many high load appliances all at the same time. For proper power loading equation, please refer to the Appendix A- EQ01 in this guide.)


Step 2

The power outage usually hits you at night time. Make sure you find a torch or have your phone right next to you. Negativing in a dark environment may be danger. Also, it is a good practice to tidy up the room, so that no obstacle can knock you down and avoid get yourself hurt in the dark. Moreover, you need the light to read the rest of and look for the circuit breakers.

(If the power outage is happened in day time, skip this and go to Step 3).


Step 3

Now make sure that you are actually staying in this address. For many possible reasons, the intern apartment may change. Check if you are actually staying in the following address. If not, you can stop reading this and go back to sleep in the dark.

Address: (Well…Please refer to the information pack)


Step 4

Locate the circuit breakers, and make sure they are all at the upward “ON” position.

There are three levels of circuit breaker in this building.

I. In-Suite Breaker

II. Out-Suite Breaker

III. Building Main Breaker

Please follow the above order to look for the breakers, and make sure they are all at the upward “ON” position. The following are the location of breakers:


I. In-Suite breaker

It is located right next to the front door of the unit.

For location, please refer to Figure 1.

 in suite 01Figure 1- In-Suite Breaker Location

Make sure the switch is at the up “ON” position. See Figure 2 for reference. 

in suite 02Figure 2- In-Suite Circuit Breaker 

If it is already “ON” and still no power, look for the Out-suite breaker


II. Out-Suite Breaker

This breaker is located right next to downstairs building entrance. Inside of a white wooden box. For location, see Figure 3 and Figure 4

out suite 01Figure 3- Circuit Box near the Building Entrance

out suite 02Figure 4- Unit’s Out-Suite Breaker

Make sure the switch is at the upward “ON” position.

If power is not yet back on, look for the building breaker


III. Building Main Breaker

The building circuit breaker is located inside of the white wooden box same as the Out-suite breaker.

WARNING: This is the main switch for the whole building. Switch this breaker would affect other units in the same building. Please make sure you don’t touch it, unless it has already jumped to the “OFF” position.

For location, please refer to Figure 5. 

mainFigure 5- Building Main Breaker

Make sure the switch is at the upward “ON” position.


Step 5

If you have tried all these, and it still doesn’t work. You should contact the landlord and get a professional to look at the issue. DO NOT attend to open up any circuit for further investigation unless you are professionally trained electrician who also has a local certified license or equivalent to do so.

Other Notes:

Hope that you have a good time in Venice, and no need for reading this.

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