To see Venice in a grain of sand

24.8.2017 | art.
Priscilla Kong

Priscilla Kong


Quoting from the long-running Discovery programme, ‘there’s something for everyone in the family – at home and on the go.‘ Pardon the sizzling heat waves and the extraordinary cost of living, Venice is a really lovely place with friendly people and other non-human beings. To fully see, feel, and emerge into the lively and dynamic city, you should not miss any single detail.

One handy example would be the fat but sleek pigeons.

credits: chuckdrawsthings

credits: chuckdrawsthings

Very cute drawing right? Seems typical and legitimate too, right?

Sorry to disappoint, but these are definitely not the birds you see in Venice.

Pigeons in Venice remain feral yet tamed at the same time. Fed by countless visitors roughly 73 times per day, these birdies are mostly full of themselves. They roam about St. Marco’s Square and basically every alley in the city. You can find them everywhere you can or cannot imagine. Often do they appear fat and plump like fluff balls, do not even bother to fly but saunter across the walkway like a boss. It is also not difficult to find male pigeons courting their female counterparts numerous times a day. According to the record of an amateur pigeon watcher (also known as me), the male pigeons puff up their feathers every 10 seconds on average, and attempt to charm every 3 females out of the 4 they met.

Although it may seemed pointless, but I truly enjoy wandering and looking into the livings of these minor characters of the city. Venice is not just about gondolas and Venetian delicacies, sometimes, the art of living is seeing a heaven in a wild flower, isn’t it true?

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