A Plain Paper Landed on WKCDA

6.7.2018 | lifestyle.
Rex Leung

Rex Leung

Summer Intern - ICT

To many veterans, interns are alike to blank sheets of papers, knowing not much but requiring all sorts of extraneous nurture.

Indeed, working at WKCDA serves as my very first try of working as an office intern. Before the commencement of work, I felt quite nervous and queried myself quite a lot, like ‘am I able to meet everyone’s expectations’, ‘can I adapt the working routine at daytime’, and even whether my limited abilities can handle this job.

However, I am grateful to receive all those warm welcome and guidance from all of my superiors and colleagues, and I feel fortunate to have you all here together as summer interns with me as well.

Other than writing archive to specific events, I would rather share some of my infelt, not as I would intend to be the “unique” one, but instead I believe we are the axle of this intern programme, and whom to make these coming months worthiness.

Recalling the welcoming speech in our intern orientation from Mr. Duncan Pescod, our CEO, he encouraged us that we should not limit ourselves in expressing our thoughts as we are “just interns”, instead we should just try the best to develop our potentials. I truly believe that the efforts that we invest can make great differences for us in achieving professionalism. There is no such need to care about how others see us, as nobody can depreciate our own values, even a plain paper can have its own value.

A plain paper can be seen as empty and no connotation, but the room for exploiting one’s advantage cannot be neglected as well. Although I cannot guarantee how much I can really achieve in the meantime, anyway let’s work hard play hard, and strive for a fruitful internship!

It is very unusual for me to be thoughtful, but indeed the playful me still exists, stay tuned! ?

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