Camaraderie at WKCDA

17.8.2018 | lifestyle.
Reynier Manuel

Reynier Manuel

Summer Intern - Finance

After nearly two month of the internship, the camaraderie with my co-workers and fellow interns have developed. Despite some of us being in different posts, my intern friends and I would always spend time to have lunch together. During our lunch times, we would have 3 options, have lunch at the restaurants in Cyberport, order Food Panda or order Plum (through the mobile app).

Whenever we finish lunch early, we would also find time to shop for snacks and fruits. We try to be healthy by eating fruits after our lunch which has formed a culture in our internship. It is great to form such a habit of eating fruits with my intern friends because I usually don’t eat fruits.


Our lunch ordered through FoodPanda and Fruits

Our lunch ordered through FoodPanda and Fruits

On the other hand, while spending time with my intern buddies and co-workers, they have taught me some Chinese words recently. Usually they would introduce complicated words, but it is interesting to learn as they simplify the meaning. For instance, I have learnt an idiom called “一石二鳥” which is similar to the English idiom “Kill Two Birds with One Stone”.

Thanks to the HRA department, we got the opportunity to visit the M+ Pavilion to have an Arts Exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is “In Search of Southeast Asia through M+ Collections”. The collections showcased the creativity works of architecture and visual art. I thoroughly appreciated the arts displayed as they were carefully placed and attractive.

In addition, I have gained more experience in excel and expanded my knowledge in Accounting, for example, I have helped my co-worker on the Cash Flow Forecast for the Hong Kong Palace Museum. It is all number stuff but to me, it is interesting how the calculations are made to predict the cost of building a venue. To conclude, I continue to look forward in contributing to the Finance team and grab as much experience possible!


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