The first month in WKCDA — Beginning of an enlightening journey

28.6.2017 | lifestyle.


Summer Intern

This is the first month of my summer internship in West Kowloon Cultural Distract Authority. I really enjoy working in this authority because people here are always kind and helpful. Also, good working atmosphere is everywhere in the office.

As a student majoring in accounting, I have never thought that I would work for an arts and cultural organization. Although I belong to internal audit department, I can still get to know the development of art projects in Hong Kong. It immensely broaden my horizons. What’s more, this is an incredible internship from which I can gain insight into organizational structure, operation as well as role of each department in WKCDA. My knowledge is therefore no longer superficially confined to those from textbooks.

Besides, this is my very first time to have experience in internal audit. Since it is rare to see an internal audit internship for undergraduate students, it would be a very special and valuable experience to me. Before I work at WKCDA, I barely knew what internal audit is about. I have found that internal audit is a bit different from what I had learnt in school. Even though I am now at the early stage of learning internal audit, I have already realized that the duties of this department are relatively complicated and extensive, for instance, keeping track of the operation and the development of all departments in WKCDA. Every day I finish the work and on my way home, I feel that the benefits gained beyond what I had expected and look forward to another day. With two months to go before going back to school, I hope that I will be able to seize the time to further enrich my work experience and have a more fulfilling summer holiday to make each day count.


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