My Experience at WKCDA

18.7.2017 | lifestyle.
Bertha Leung

Bertha Leung

Summer Intern
Site Visit

Site Visit

The past month in WKCDA has been an exhilarating learning experience for me. Never have I thought that I would be able to be on site and look at construction progress, learn building codes that’s useful for my future work place, and most importantly, to see how a project is being run and controlled in a professional setting. Being an architectural student, I’m beyond grateful for the opportunities that I was given here as they have immensely widened my horizon on the architectural field. I’ve learnt that architecture is way beyond just being creative and there are many constrains when it comes to making great ideas happen in reality.

Being able to go on site and observe construction progress and mock up is definitely one of the most interesting yet eye- opening experiences that I have encountered. It was exhilarating to see how drawings and design are transformed into actual buildings. I also really enjoyed learning the quality of different materials and how they are being used.

Last but not least, I am thankful for my mentor and other team members for providing me many learning opportunities, allowing me to develop my skill set while gaining new working experience.

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