Unique Insight into the Foundations of WKCDA

Terence Chan

Terence Chan

Summer Intern

As I step into my office on the 20th floor early on a Friday morning, I sit down with a feeling of urgency inside me. I open my notepad furiously as I slowly recollect the tasks I have leftover from yesterday. I knew, undoubtedly, there were many.

The same sequence of events occurred every morning during my first month at WKCDA. However, to my surprise, I found no sense complaint within me. Instead, I relished all the opportunities bestowed upon me. From taking part in on-going projects, or preparing for a new audit topic, I learned a great deal about the different areas of assessment the Internal Audit department investigate in regularly, in order to ensure WKCDA is functioning effectively.

Students and Internships programmes are usually excluded from Internal Audit roles because the department’s work usually comprises of confidential information. I enjoyed this unique opportunity, as such nature of work offered deep insight into the elements that make up a successful organisation. During the first month, my work was primarily involved with risk assessment tasks, as the Internal Audit team at WKCDA worked frantically to prepare for another Interim Risk Review. Whilst working with my mentor to prepare relevant documents, I was able to witness the complex processes that are in place in order to minimise risk levels and ensure WKCDA is in a healthy situation moving forward.

I am thankful for all the hands-on experiences as they have fulfilled my inner desire to be trusted with responsibilities, allowing me to demonstrate to myself and others that I am a capable individual. These experiences have enriched my understanding of the business world and highlighted real-world application of conceptual ideas learnt from my degree. As I am writing this, I am preparing to attend the 18th risk management committee meeting. I am excited for this opportunity as it will allow me to learn from the conversations held between senior management staff.

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