My Intern Life at WKCDA - Ep.1

13.7.2018 | lifestyle.
Irene Lam

Irene Lam

Summer Intern

A re-cap of my first month at the WKCDA – It has been a fruitful month when I met my kind mentor and friendly colleagues who are knowledgeable and helpful. 

Attending meetings with my mentor is probably my major duty so far. The meetings are where professionals sit together and solve matters using their expertise. These have been productive sessions from which I witness how architects, designers, engineers and surveyors altogether realise the success of a construction project that caters the need of users and overcomes technical difficulties using limited budget.

Under the guidance of my mentor, I have also had a site visit to the interim promenade, which is yet to be built from scratch. The visit was meant to allow tree surveys and on-site measurements in view of the technical difficulties that beset the professionals. It was a meaningful visit as it did explain a lot that drawings and plans alone cannot tell.

Last but not least, the internship has so far been an enjoyable one where I have met a lot of other interns who have different areas of study in various institutions. This bonding was built at the orientation and has lasted until now when we almost have lunch together every day!