「M+ 敢探號」流動創作教室 與阿喜一同將無用變有用


West Kowloon | 7.3.2018 | art., exhibition.

M+ Summer camp brought us new perspectives on how we think and create

‘Unframed’, the theme of the M+ summer camp was as exciting and groundbreaking as the content and design (e.g. workshops, mentoring group sessions) of the camp as it embraces and acknowledges each participant’s area of interest

Lam Man Ting | 16.2.2016 | lifestyle.

My memories of M+ Summer Camp 2015

M+ Summer Camp has been a highlight in my summer holiday this year. It wasn’t just an art camp, it was also about sharing, building relationships and exploration

Cheung Ho Man | 5.1.2016 | lifestyle.

公众参与 - Freespace Happening


Henry Chu | 25.10.2015 | lifestyle.