A new start at WKCDA

26.7.2018 | lifestyle.
Abby Ng

Abby Ng

Summer Intern
Birthday celebration with the fellow summer interns! :)

Birthday celebration with the fellow summer interns! :)

Time has flown by and it’s already my third week working at WKCDA as a summer intern.


The past three weeks have been absolutely fruitful. I am exploring and learning new things each day.


As I am working in the finance department, my job duty is to help with the daily operation of the finance department. Though I am studying accounting, I never really work as an accountant. Over the three weeks, I’ve got chance to apply what I’ve learnt in school on my work. However, it’s always a different story between knowledge on books and the real-life application. Luckily, colleagues here are all very friendly and patient to explain the rationale and reasons behind. So rather than only working as an intern, I also learn as an intern.


To enrich our experience, WKCDA organizes lots of activities for interns as well. In the past three weeks, we have attended the sharing session by CEO and COO respectively. The advice and insights gained are very useful in our career planning as well as future development. In the coming weeks, we will also have the chance to really go into the district to join the exhibitions and try out the activities there. I can’t wait to share more in the coming blog entries!


After this internship program, I hope I’ll be able to know more not only about finance, but also more about West Kowloon Cultural District, like what the District is doing and how we can engage more as the general public. Since more facilities in the District is opening in the coming future, we can expect that more and more people will be benefited from them and so as the cultural development of Hong Kong.