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9.7.2018 | lifestyle.
Anson Lee

Anson Lee

Summer Intern

Now I am almost working here as summer intern for a month, not a long span of time but also not a short one. Up till now, I still have the vivid picture in my mind of me being so excited and overwhelmed when I received the call from WKCDA that an offer was made to me. Honestly, I felt so happy at the time I couldn’t even respond a single word, as I never expected I would be admitted because my interview performance wasn’t so well compared with the other interviewees. To me, there is always a certain degree of wisdom in the saying that goes, ‘’No expectations No disappointments.’’ It is so true to me that now it even becomes my motto for the rest of my life. Exert yourself, make the most of the environment and the resources available, try to learn as much as you could possibly, and accept with equanimity whatever outcome is waiting ahead, because I am just an ordinary guy from an ordinary family with an ordinary academic background so借一方樂土讓他容身 借他平凡一生.

After the beginning of my internship, there are many amusing anecdotes happened and I have made friends with interns from different departments, most of whom have entirely different academic backgrounds from me, some studying engineering while the others business or linguistic, and got along with them well. The World Cup, once-every-four-year, is ongoing, all the teams around the world chasing the supreme honour, desperate to be the champion of such large-scale competition. All the topics we talk during the lunchtime are mainly revolved around the Cup, like ridiculing how rotten some players perform or complaining how tedious that match is as the rhythm is slow enough to lure every normal people to fall asleep. Also, we, the interns, witness the transformation of Patrick in his clothing within this month, from business casual to casual to beyond casual. Really inspiring! On the other hand, thanks to my mentor, I have had the chance to attend the tender assessment meeting to see how the process of tender return analysis really is in the real practice, starting from accessors having discussion within themselves, to ranking each supplier in accordance with each criteria, where in case huge discrepancy is found between accessors’ marks on that particular criteria, further discussion would be held aiming to narrow down the gap, to eventually making the final decision as to which would be our suppliers of the lighting fixture for the Xiqu theatre open in the upcoming September.

The reason why I am typing this blog wholeheartedly is because I am so idle in the office that I couldn’t feel even more bored, Haha ^A^. One thing learnt from this internship is that writing is really a good stuff to kill time, to make yourself feel more occupied and more useful with more sense of achievement during the work. In this month, my love to writing is increasing exponentially at a speed I have never been before, as I am sure I am not a big fan of writing, determining from my degree of hatred and deadline fighting in every one of the essay assignments I have done in the university before. Anyway, I want to express my gratitude to WKCDA for creating a blog for interns, a platform where we could verbalize our feeling towards the internship and everything. After writing this blog, I am now feeling more relaxed with my mind at ease, and what’s more, I am looking forward to the next two months, hoping to have more chances to explore various tasks and attend different kinds of meetings to widen my horizon.