It is my count down of the last 10 working days at WKCDA. Looking back at the day when the internship was offered to me, it took me quite a while to ease my concerns regarding whether I am suitable for WKCDA.

Sabrina Chau | 23.8.2018 | 艺术公园, 日常.



Calvin Chu | 3.7.2018 | 日常.



Roy Chow | 1.9.2017 | 艺术公园

Days as an Intern

從六月開始,我已經在西九實習了一個月。 作為一位園境建築的學生,我的工作總離不開樹和公園的範圍。我最近的其中一份工作是參與我們苗圃公園的樹木導賞和工作坊,為導賞團和工作坊探索新的可能。

Annette Wong | 4.7.2017 | 艺术公园

Not a typical office work

Working in WKCDA is not only about sitting in the office, typing in front of the computer and having exhausted meetings, but also about engaging in the art and culture environment. When I receive an Tree Tour invitation, I accepted it without the least hesitation.

Christy Yeung | 30.6.2017 | 日常.

Trees aren't just trees

Time flies and it has been two months since my journey in WKCD began. Looking back, the most rewarding experience throughout my internship would be the collaboration with my silent partners- trees in the Nursery Park.

Natalie Wong | 29.6.2017 | 日常.



Roy Chow | 4.7.2016 | 日常.