My First Month Experience in WKCDA: Art Exhibition Adventure

19.7.2017 | exhibition.
Mo Ngan

Mo Ngan

Summer Intern - Human Resources & Administration
Venue:  M+ Pavilion, West Kowloon Cultural District

Venue: M+ Pavilion, West Kowloon Cultural District

I have experienced a lot in the first month in WKCDA. Since I haven’t done any office job before, the reality definitely is not I expected. However, colleagues are able to create a friendly environment which are conducive to me to adapt the new job. For instance, the head of four functions in HR have arranged a meeting with us separately, to share their own experience in HR as well as the operation and work flow in WKCDA. That’s the most outstanding evidence to show how they care about the internship program are.

Other than that, my mentor, Galluf, is offered by WKCDA which is absolutely valuable. He always follow up what I do and provide solid feedback as well as test our knowledge in HR, such as Labor Law, the own perspective of news etc.



This is my second time to take part in the art exhibition. I am not interested in drawing or creating any artistic pieces because I am a kind of artistic idiot. However, I am willing to understand the hidden meaning of each work. One of the work is really impressive to me.

Developing West Kowloon Cultural District & Victoria Harbour

Developing West Kowloon Cultural District & Victoria Harbour

For the first impression of this work, I had no idea what it is. Six old television was playing videos repeatedly. The content of the videos were focusing on performance arts. Someone moved a wall, brick by brick, across one of the busiest streets in Guangzhou. In my opinion, I just saw a man was blocking the road and dangerous because those cars keep moving nearby. If someone do such bothering behavior in Hong Kong, it would be a disaster. I had tried to understand and clarify the mindset of this artist. Fortunately, a Canton Express booklet have clearly introduced the behind meaning of this performance art.

M+ definitely held a great and valuable exhibition in M+ Pavilion. Although my duties always focus on working in the office, I may try to spend more time on participating in the activities hold by WKCDA.

A nice view became a ending of a wonderful exhibition visit.