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Man Pan LAU

Man Pan LAU

Venice Biennale Intern

They were our AV technical team from Hong Kong. They worked out the installation plan and dealt with errors in the construction such as the shortened beams where projectors were mounted. Here, they were releasing cables for speakers and projectors. This was not an easy job as 20 projectors and 8 pairs of speakers were used. It took some time to adjust all the equipments in order to create the best projection.



Each projector would be connected with 2 cables. The whole process should be coordinated with the constructing progress. However, our conductors did not really follow our progress and planning. Maybe, they were too busy with their schedule and wanted to finish as soon as possible for another job. We would not be able to test the cables before they sealed the ceiling up. Problem was raised that we found a defective cable when we tested the projectors at a later time…