Dong Guan Steel Manufacturing Factory Visit

Silvia Chen

Silvia Chen

Project Delivery - Summer Intern

Following other colleagues, we went to Dong Guan steel factory to gain a deeper understanding of steel manufacturing. This factory is the supplier for Xiqu Centre. Xiqu Centre has a large scale of steel work, such as big steel trusses, which makes the supplier extremely important. Our colleagues will come here in a regular basis to supervise the manufacturing. As an intern, it’s thrilled for us see the real practices after learning plenty of theories.


Wielding is a vital part in steel manufacturing. In the factory, I could see those manufacturing machines with professional workers. I see how they do the wielding with sophisticated skills. Moreover, while we will need to do lab tests to check the wielding quality of a batch, I find non-destructive tests also going on in the factory to ensure their production quality. It enriches my experience in material supplier coordination.


Some workers are warm-hearted to tell us techniques which we will never have chance to learn in books. I feel so privileged to have the chance to come here. In West Kowloon Cultural District internship program, I gain much more than I expected.