First-timer as an Internal Audit Intern

2.8.2018 | lifestyle.
Natalie Mak

Natalie Mak

Summer Intern

It has been 3 weeks only since I have started working in WKCDA’s Internal Audit Department as a summer intern, yet I have already learned more than I could have ever imagined and everything has been beyond expectations so far. From reviewing policies and guidelines to attending departmental meetings to editing the internal audit manual, all the hands-on opportunities have provided me with practical insights into the internal audit industry, which is usually out of reach for students.

Apart from enhancing one’s subject-specific knowledge, having a basic grasp of a professional workplace dynamics, cultural fit and leadership styles would probably be one of the most important takeaways from an internship experience. The ability to the pace of a corporate environment and work with professionals from different disciplines is a must-have in entering and advancing in the workforce. Only through experiencing and observing a real workplace can one better get the hang of it.

What’s more, the activities specifically organized by Human Resources Department for summer interns, such as the COO sharing session and presentation skills workshop, have offered us useful tips and some rules of thumb concerning workplace skills and competencies, notably on healthy skepticism and effective public speaking techniques. All these have helped us better visualize and understand the crucial keys to workplace success in a succinct and structured manner.

Lastly, I am very grateful for having an inspiring mentor, friendly colleagues as well as being able to work in such an inclusive and supportive working environment.

All in all, being exposed to real projects and challenges in a vibrant workplace has been a window of opportunity for me to get a glimpse into the real world. I have truly enjoyed every single aspect of my internship and I cannot wait for the next couple of weeks to come!