Freespace Happening in October!

Eleanor Chu

Eleanor Chu

Performing Arts Intern

The Freespace Happening this month was a special one, on top of the usual music performances and market, we have included a music main stage where different music groups performed according to the theme of the day, and an outdoor screening session at night for both of the days.


In the first day (10/10), the weather was very unstable. The wind started to blow stronger and rain fell hard on the audience. Some audience started to leave the lawn but some stayed, with the wish to continue enjoying the programme.

The stars started to shine, the rain stopped. Despite all the obstacles faced that night, audience still patiently waited and cooperated to all the instructions. The showing of Nowhere Boy started and witnessing this scene inspired me to think about the effect of music on different people’s lives. As a staff, we may take this event as a project, we have to finish the event with the best effort we can put it, but sometimes, audience simply want to enjoy music and the movie. The quality of the music and movie is the focus of the audience.

On the second day (11/10), it was quite an opposite scene compared to the previous day. Audience was attracted by the musicians that we invited, for example, C AllStar, Eman Lam, Pong Lam etc, their fans came to the event and supported their idols. There were many audience sitting on the lawn, following the groove of the music and singing along. The light sea in the audience was truly memorable.

People gathered for the music performance, and many of them stayed for the documentary of Bob Marley, a legend of Reggae music. People might not know him before coming to the event, but after watching the documentary, they may know more about Marley than other people would. Bringing in interesting and novel programmes to the audience is always a challenge, but the reaction of audience is always fascinating.

It was a great experience being a part of the larger event of Freespace Happening, and I am looking forward to learning more in the future events!