My Internship life

25.7.2017 | lifestyle.
Justin Li

Justin Li

Summer Intern (Finance Department)

After the first month of my internship, I’ve finally gotten used to the working environment at WKCDA. The first few weeks felt long, but as soon as I got the hang of the new materials I learnt, time went by so quickly I could not believe almost two months has already went by. Unlike most interns, I only work until the end of July. Due to the continuity of my studies in the States. I’m deeply sadden that my term is almost finished. But on the bright side, I feel I’m going to leave WKCDA with real work experience, knowledge, network, and work ethics gained. And I am extremely grateful and honoured to be able to work at WKCDA as a Finance intern.

Before my first day, I came to WKCDA with seldom knowledge about finance. In fact, I only had basic knowledge of accounting. I knew how to Debit/Crediting accounts, adjust journal entries, balance sheets, and assets/ liabilities/ stockholder’s equity. After the first week, I have successfully learned how to operate the ERP Oracle system. I got to input invoices, and run general ledger reports. Then the following weeks, I got to analyse financial statements. My particular role is to help my mentor compare other contemporary art museum’s annual report, and find the difference between the two. I also had to figure out the difference between a regular and WKCDA’s balance sheet entries. One of the most interesting differences I’ve discovered is that WKCDA’s annual report balance sheet does not have any accounts receivable and payable. The Authority does not take out loans from the bank since it is endowed by the government of HKSAR, and it also entered into several agreements with the Government for carrying out government entrustment works on its behalf for receivables. As for payables/accruals, other payables and accruals included payables for construction contracts for government entrustment works amounting to (HK$77.0 million).

To conclude, it has been an absolute pleasure being able to work at WKCDA this summer. I don’t think I could have learned as much as I have at WKCDA. I sincerely want to thank my impeccable mentor Ethan Lo and colleagues in the finance department for their support and their charisma to uplift the mood of the office work environment. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have had a more fulfilled summer. So thank you and hope we can all keep in touch after I return to the State for my studies.