Look Around

7.8.2015 | lifestyle.
Kiki Cheng

Kiki Cheng

Finance - Summer Intern

Working in such a fast pacing city as Hong Kong, it is difficult to squeeze some time for rest and let alone jogging or exercise. The so-called work-life balance is just an irony for the working class. True, we are too busy forgetting our hobbies, our lives or our goals.


Hey Hong Kongers! Isn’t it too wasteful if we spend all of our time to earn a living but forget to live our lives? Isn’t it too silly to live without yourself? Just look around and enjoy the beautiful views around you. Let me here to introduce the beautiful view of Hong Kong to you.


West Kowloon Cultural District is still under construction process but part of it is currently open for public. If you are finding a place to place, to meet friends, to have picnic, to enjoy music or live band show, it is definitely a good choice for you. It is a place for Hong Kong people, we can use it in our way, enjoy our weekends there with no distraction. I believe it will be a hotspot in the future in Asia, a place for cultural exchange. Just spend some time there and maybe you will find it worthwhile to look forward to.

Yes, life is full of challenges and depressing moments but I believe every cloud has a silver lining. Let the beautiful views cheer you up!