M+ Rover Tour

6.7.2017 | exhibition.
Amy Yu

Amy Yu

Information & Communications Technology - Summer Intern

Last Saturday, I attended a M+ event: M+ Rover. It is the first school and community outreach programme organized by M+. The tailor-made trailer is a mobile space for exhibitions and workshops that travels to schools and communities in Hong Kong. M+ Rover is like a space expedition to a distant planet, taking participants to explore an uncharted creative territory. M+ Rover is a “developing” exhibition. At the beginning, the artists will design an exhibition theme, but as it travels to different schools, students will contribute to and participate in the exhibition production that will be display in schools and communities across Hong Kong. In addition, participating students can also have the opportunity to join the artist-led community activities.

During the M+ Rover Tour, the lead curator of M+ has introduced the progress of organizing M+ Rover. She had mentioned various challenges of organizing the M+ Rover and one of them is the how to get the license so that the trailer can travel to communities in Hong Kong. She said that she was an artist so she was not familiar with those legal issue and construction. She needed to ask for advices from other departments. This made me to have a rethink of the importance of teamwork. I believe it will be very common that we may encounter problems in handling a project due to the lack of proficiency in certain aspects in the future. In this situation, teamwork is be very important. This is because we all have different strengths and weaknesses, and we can help each other to complete their tasks. It is also the key factor for the success of the project.

In addition, they has briefed us the current exhibition and the commissioned artists. The current exhibition is the “Disappearing Over the Decades”, created by photographer Siu Wai Hang. He turned M+ Rover into a collecting unit, collecting items that are at risk of disappearing over the near fifty years in Hong Kong to reflect on unobserved changes in our daily lives. Siu invites participants to select one of the most important tangible or intangible artefact, which they predict will disappear in Hong Kong in the next fifty years. The selected items will be documented and displayed through videos of developing Polaroids, negative images and participant’s prediction for their reason of disappearance. Siu reverses the colour and time of images in the process to draw our attention to the irreversibility of disappearance of things in our daily lives. In the M+ Rover, we could see albums that collect the student’s participatory works in the exhibition. I think this kind of art event is more interactive and interesting because participants can have close interaction with artists and they can contribute to the exhibition production. Also, the artists can nurture the participant’s creativity.

Although the community session of M+ Rover has ended, I really encourage you can subscribe to the e-newsletters for the information of the upcoming events.