Recap of the exhibition preview and opening

Chi Heng PUN

Chi Heng PUN

Venice Biennale Intern

The past few days had been the busiest days for Venetians and the art lovers from all over the world. The preview of the 56th Venice Biennale and its collateral events officially opened for press and VIPs on 5th May. Lots of international art journalists and collectors came to visit Tsang Kin-Wah’s exhibition, including some familiar faces. The opening ceremony was set on 7th May, Carrie Lam from HKSAR and Wilfred Wong from Hong Kong Arts Development Council also flied over to visit the exhibition and gave a speech at the ceremony. It’s incredible that over 5000 visitors have been recorded during the Vernissage week. You can imagine how many people there were for the Biennale.


Press releases, catalogues and brochures were ready at the reception


Cocktail and catering reception


Lars Nittve, Executive Director of M+, delivering a speech


The Biennale is held in two main venues, one at Arsenale and the other at Giardini. Our site is just opposite of the Biennale entrance in Arsenale. In the morning, there was already a long queue in front of their entrance. On the street, you can always see people distributing different kinds of Biennale maps/guides, art magazines and leaflets as well as people carrying tote bags given by the Biennale participants. The water bus stop in Arsenale were packed with tourists during these days, especially during the time when the Biennale closed at night.



Booths distributing promotional materials at the Vernissage week


A snap of our neighbour, Macau pavilion


Side note:



The way Italian people hang their clothes and place their rubbish is another “artwork” you can appreciate^^