Working as a Marketing Intern in WKCDA

21.6.2018 | lifestyle.
Seona Leung

Seona Leung

Summer Intern - MCE

Starting something new is never easy. I joined the internship program of WKCDA this summer which is my first internship in my life. I work at the department of marketing and customer service (MCE) and my office is in the project site office (PSO). Getting adapted to new environment and conversing with unfamiliar people sometimes make me nervous. Fortunately, the staff members and new interns are super nice and helpful. I’m happy to work here and have gained valuable experience related to my marketing major.

At the beginning of the internship, WKCDA held an orientation and welcoming session to guide us. They talked a lot about the company and held games for us. We formed groups to finish the special tasks they gave us. We had to make use of our creativity and think outside the box to make a presentation. Presenting in front of so many people was a hard job for me but finally I did it.  Through the game, we knew each other, and we talked a lot. Now, we’d also have lunch together every day. It’s such a wonderful experience.