These are a few of my favourite things ♪

This has to be the most beautiful thing I have seen in Venice. Located on the island of San Girogio Maggiore, the Glass Tea House Mondrain is designed by Hiroshi Sugimoto

WU Nga Sai | 10.6.2015 |

Oldie but goodie

Originally a gallery of an art academy, Gallerie dell’ Accademia is now a museum that houses pre-19th century Venetian art

WU Nga Sai | 6.6.2015 |

Giardini in a glimpse

‘Giardini’ is ‘Garden’ in English. The Venice giardini is an area of parkland which hosts the Venice Art Biennale

WU Nga Sai | 18.5.2015 |

20150502-09 Venice photo diary

I bet they can dry their laundry in a few hours’ time. But it takes at least 2 days for ours to dry since our apartment is rather damp and humid

WU Nga Sai | 11.5.2015 |

First venture – Peggy Guggenheim collection

I believe many of you have heard of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. You may then wonder – who is Peggy Guggenheim ?

WU Nga Sai | 4.5.2015 |