First Month In West Kowloon

During this internship, I have given many golden chances to explore more about West Kowloon
Viola Tam | 8.7.2019 | 日常.


Joshua Lam | 5.7.2019 | 日常.

My First Month of Intern Life in WKCDA

This is my very first time working as an intern. Everything is new to me. It is so grateful that WKCDA has allocated me a mentor from the department I am working in.
Sherrie Fung | 24.6.2019 | 艺术公园, 日常.


It is my count down of the last 10 working days at WKCDA. Looking back at the day when the internship was offered to me, it took me quite a while to ease my concerns regarding whether I am suitable for WKCDA.

Sabrina Chau | 23.8.2018 | 艺术公园, 日常.



Belle Mok | 22.8.2018 | 日常.



Winky Bok | 10.8.2018 | 日常.


不经不觉间,已经开展了实习一个月。在此期间,学会的不只是书中的知识,更是许多人生经验。 在这个文化沙漠当中,究竟怎么样的艺术才能让市民有焕然一新的感觉呢?我想,应该只有这样与众不同的展览吧。

Michelle Lau | 8.8.2018 | 日常.

Internship Kick-start!

Never have I thought about being an intern of WKCDA, participating in the development projects of one of the biggest cultural quarters in the globe!

Eddie Lui | 27.7.2018 | 日常.

A new start at WKCDA

Time has flown by and it’s already my third week working at WKCDA as a summer intern.

Abby Ng | 26.7.2018 | 日常.

WKCDA's bird(s) in Cyberport

Time flies. I have been working in WKCDA (Finance, Cyberport Office) for almost 1 month. During the past month, i met a new friend impressing me. Every morning my friend stands outside the window and gives a song to the Summer Interns in “Summer Intern Work Area”.

Clement Wong | 23.7.2018 | 日常.

Making Safety a Habit!

“Making safety a habit” is the slogan that aims to raise the safety awareness of all the colleagues who work in the construction site. We not only bear this slogan on our shirt, but also in our mind.

Ryan Pang | 18.7.2018 | 日常.

A great start in WKCDA!

It has been a month working as an intern in the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority. It’s such a great chance to have a taste of what it is like to be working in a construction industry and get some inspiration for my future career path.

Willis Cheung | 15.7.2018 | 日常.