Celebrate like a Venetian!

Traveling Venice during its annual Carnival definitely has all the captivating charm, but be prepared to jam in the narrow streets and squares in the week-long events

Emily Ng | 16.1.2018 |

Funny Episodes in the Pavilion: Our Lovely Visitors

Half of the internship has quickly passed. Besides the repetition of work and daily life, simultaneously there were some interesting and funny episodes which happened with the visitors, highlighted our days in the venue.

Elly Wan | 10.10.2017 | 艺术.



Eric Yu | 10.4.2017 | 艺术.


有幸得到 M+ 的机会,当是次展览的技术实习员,随着艺术家曾建华及 M+ 策展团队到威尼斯双年展香港展馆协助筹办展览

Wing Leung MAN | 13.4.2015 |