「M +敢探号」流动创作教室与阿喜一同将无用变有用


Connie Chan | 7.3.2018 | 艺术., 展览.

An insider and an outsider

Another month in WKCDA, I was exposed to various intern activities and gained insights from different authorities in the Authority. I have a feel of transformation from an outsider to an insider. As the time goes on, I can vision the WKCD will be a pivotal cultural and arts hub of Hong Kong.

Chloe Chung | 26.7.2017 | 日常.


M+敢探号是M+的流动创作教室,在视觉文化博物馆还没有落成之前,让大众先接触视觉文化的地方。 M+敢探号的初型是一辆特制拖车,配上船仓特有的窗户,再添上是次参与的艺术家李香兰小姐的艺术品,将视觉文化带到你我当中。

Chrissie Lam | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

Joining the M+ Rover Community Session

One of the most fascinating parts of WKCDA internship programme is having lots of activities to join. It is not merely an experience in work but also in art and culture. Through these activities, we the interns have a better understanding of the authority.

Waikiu | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

M+ Rover Tour

Last Saturday, I attended a M+ event: M+ Rover. It is the first school and community outreach programme organized by M+. 

Amy Yu | 6.7.2017 | 展览.

M+ Rover Visiting

It was the last day of M+ Rover 2016. Luckily, we can have a chance to visit this travelling creative studio. 

Nick Mak | 6.7.2016 | 日常.