「廣東快車」 當代藝術的保存及保育


Cherry Yau | 31.8.2017 | lifestyle.

Joining the M+ Rover Community Session

One of the most fascinating parts of WKCDA internship programme is having lots of activities to join. It is not merely an experience in work but also in art and culture. Through these activities, we the interns have a better understanding of the authority.


Waikiu | 25.7.2017 | lifestyle.

My First Month Experience in WKCDA: Art Exhibition Adventure

I have experienced a lot in the first month in WKCDA. Since I haven’t done any office job before, the reality definitely is not I expected.

Mo Ngan | 19.7.2017 | exhibition.

西九 X 實習(上)

不經不覺, 我已經在西九文化區管理局實習了一個月。還記得5月那次緊張又激烈的面試, 慶幸地, 最後我能加入這個大家庭。

Agnes Liu | 16.7.2017 | lifestyle.

An Art and Cultural Promoter in the Middle of a 'Cultural Desert'

What is your impression of working in WKCDA? Full of art-lover? Or everyone working here has strong art knowledge? I would say joining WKCDA allows me to be a step near to arts and cultural industry and to be more curious about arts. 

Chloe Chung | 10.7.2017 | lifestyle.



Tracy Leung | 3.7.2017 | exhibition.