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Making Safety a Habit!

“Making safety a habit” is the slogan that aims to raise the safety awareness of all the colleagues who work in the construction site. We not only bear this slogan on our shirt, but also in our mind.

Ryan Pang | 18.7.2018 | lifestyle.



James See | 11.7.2018 | lifestyle.



Anthea To | 1.9.2017 | lifestyle.




Alan Cheng | 31.7.2017 | lifestyle.

What is Project Time Management (PTM)?

In the past few weeks, I learnt many techniques, common practices and tools in Project Time Management (PTM) from the Project Management Team and I would like to share how the Project Managers normally implement PTM.

Edmund Lam | 26.7.2017 | lifestyle.

My Experience at WKCDA

Being an architectural student, I’m beyond grateful for the opportunities that I was given here as they have immensely widened my horizon on the architectural field.

Bertha Leung | 18.7.2017 | lifestyle.



Todd Wong | 6.7.2017 | lifestyle.

Exciting Site Visit

Working at West Kowloon Cultural District is not only about looking at the computer and document all day but also about experiencing the nice environment. The comfortable working environment at WKCD makes me feel comfortable.

Mark Wong | 5.7.2017 | lifestyle.



Alan Cheng | 28.6.2017 | lifestyle.

Working with nature and open space

Having a little bike ride along the promenade during lunch time wakes me more than a cup of coffee!!!

Gillian Ngan | 21.7.2016 | lifestyle.


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How much do we care about safety?

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority is a responsible organisation in the sense that its contractors are required to have a high standard of performance in ensuring safety during construction

Edmund Lam | 20.6.2016 | lifestyle.

Under construction…

I was quite impressed by the Italian workers. For one thing, they really worked fast; for another, they really did not care about the construction plan but it still worked…

LAU Man Pan Jeff | 30.4.2015

Work in progress (1)

The contractor move in the site with many wood columns, wood and their tools. They plan to build the outdoor structure and complete the indoor retouch in a week

MAN Wing Leung Dennis | 18.4.2015

The process of turning day into night

Here are some photos from Venice of the construction that is currently going on – which to me, are documentation of the process of creating that eternal night in sunny Venice

M+ Team | 15.4.2015

First meeting at the site


MAN Wing Leung Dennis | 15.4.2015


Our first task was to inspect the site and check the materials left on the site so that we could follow up the whole progress

LAU Man Pan Jeff | 14.4.2015