An Art and Cultural Promoter in the Middle of a 'Cultural Desert'

10.7.2017 | lifestyle.
Chloe Chung

Chloe Chung

ICT - Summer Intern
A weekend visit to the Canton Express exhibition

A weekend visit to the Canton Express exhibition

To many Hong Kong people, art and culture seems a topic that represents “grand, luxury and high-class”. In other words, that is “inaccessible”. While the existence of the WKCD allows the general public has different views on arts and cultural industry, and even the related activities.  I would say joining WKCDA in these 3 months allows me to be a step near to art and cultural industry and to be more curious about art.  WKCDA is a highly organized organization which everyone has differentiated roles and responsibilities. Despite having different roles, the staff is striving for excellence, ensuring the safe and smooth operation of the facilities in the WKCD.

Being an “insider” for nearly a month, I can observe how every small step of museum operation affects the whole workflows. Although they are complicated, it is excited and interesting to learn about. Also, I observed that this organization strives to make the public feel that art is accessible everywhere, and accessible to everyone. In addition, being an insider, I have more chances to notice the new functions and facilities available in the WKCD. And I get the chances to discuss with different stakeholders on how WKCD is important in promoting arts in Hong Kong, the “cultural desert”.

The Canton Express Opening at M+ Pavilion was on 22 Jun 2017 (Thur) and the staff is invited to join. This exhibition was a part of the landmark exhibition showcased for the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003, curated by Hou Hanru. Although I was not available to be the first batch to visit, I took a visit in the following weekend to enhance my understanding on the art exhibition. This exhibition showed the critical period in the history of contemporary Chinese art and its link with the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong.  The collections were displayed in an extraordinary style, which made the re-installation process full of challenges. This exhibition was amazing, all the collections were displayed in a special arrangement and detailed descriptions of the displayed were given. The time when these collections were produced was far before I become a student, through this exhibition I could have a glimpse on the livelihood of people in that time period. And at the same time broaden my horizon on contemporary Chinese art.

I am looking forward to the continuous exposure to different functions and activities held by the WKCDA. Being both an insider and an outsider can allow me to understand this large art and cultural project deeper and more thorough. I would like to be an ambassador for the public to know more about this place.