Sharing of Executive Director of Performing Arts

26.7.2017 | art.
Amy Yu

Amy Yu

Information & Communications Technology - Summer Intern
Xiqu Centre (戲曲中心)

Xiqu Centre (戲曲中心)

The HR department has arranged another internship program about the roles, events and development of the Performing Arts Department to all summer interns on Monday and invited the executive director of performing art department to share his experience and work to us.

After introducing the background of the performing art department and the performing art venues that will be built in the coming years, he allowed us to raise questions about his work and the performing art activities. The most interesting question raised by my colleagues (summer intern) was that how did he think of the negative response from the media and the public on building Xiqu centre (e.g. The general public think that it is worthless to build Xiqu centre because Xiqu is not popular in HK/media reports that building the Xiqu centre will over-budget). He replied that the only thing he could do was doing the best to show the general public that they had put much effort in promoting xiqu. Regarding the question on how to attract youngsters to come to Xiqu centre, he replied that most youngsters not only emphasized on the acting of the performer, but also the atmosphere of the theatre. Therefore, he decided to build a tea house theatre in Xiqu centre so audience can have a close contact with the performers. (You can see it in the third photo) In addition, to attract new joiners to xiqu events, he designed some short performance and would pick the most important scene to perform because he worried that people would be bored.

From the conservation with the executive director of performing art department, I was more familiar with their department and performing art activities of WKCDA. Also, I was admired for how much research he and his team had done for promoting xiqu. I really need to learn from them as I may have the opportunity to handle such a large project in the future.