Incredible Experience in WKCDA ( M+ Pavilion Visit Tour)

28.6.2017 | exhibition.
Jacky Tsai

Jacky Tsai

Summer Intern - Human Resource and Administration

On 23 June 2017, I participated in an exhibition visit which is called “Canton Express” and it held at M + Pavilion in West Kowloon Cultural District.

“What a pleasure experience! A small area emit a great passion of art and culture”. This is what I want to describe the M+ Pavilion. Let me share with you some memorable flashbacks on that day…

I took shuttle bus after work and arrived M+ Pavilion at around half past six. Before got into the museum, there were various delicate and delicious beverages for us to enjoy. It’s a great place for people with different backgrounds to communicate with each other while sharing their valuable experience. When I looked at the dusky sky with a drink in hand, I really obsessed with the atmosphere at that moment..

Afterwards, I went into the museum with the theme of “Canton Express” where some docents was standing by. When guest came, they started to explain various artistic works and guided the guests to tour around the exhibition.

At the first glance, I couldn’t understand the hidden meaning of those artistic works. However, through brainstorming with my mentor and friend, I gradually got the meaning of them.

In overall, one of the displays really impressed me. It was such a huge pagoda which made of wood. It consisted of numerous small square slides. With the light projection, it became a simple but amazing artistic work! That why I took a photo of it instead of other works!! I would say it was very attractive. (Of course, other art works were also great!!) Nearly seven o’clock, I left the m+ Pavilion.

I would like to use one word to summarize the exhibition visit which is “Treasurable”.

For me, this is a “rare” experience since there were not many exhibitions is related to canton art. In addition, appreciating art is not just for fun, it is a learning process. From a superficial cognition to a deep understanding of art works, we might experience a complicate learning process which is also considered as a type of “self-learning”.